Available Equipment

Four ADJ moving head club lights

The Inno Pocket Spot is a moving head light with a bright 12-Watt LED source. Featuring 7 colors plus white, 7 fixed GOBOs plus spot and separate  color wheels, the Inno Pocket Spot will give pure lighting excitement  with its fast moving beams and color changes. It has a pan and tilt  inversion mode that makes one head do the opposite of another when  linked together.  

Two Starburst LED mirror ball lights

The Starburst is a LED sphere effect light that rotates to your music while  shooting out super-sharp, multi-color beam effects. With access to a wider pallet of colors than previously possible, giving you  the flexibility and creative scope to entrance your audience with unique hues and attention-grabbing effects.             

Truss Arch System

The 10' x 8' Global Truss Arch Truss System is a versatile system for supporting lights and sound equipment in entertainment venues and conventions. 

X-Laser PSX 400

The PSX-400 RGB laser is a powerful laser device intended for aerial indoor lighting displays and features blue, green and red radiant beams of light.

ProX Facade DJ Booth

Facades provide the look of an elegant professional work area; hides cables, helps protect equipment, AND assists with managing crowd control for the DJ! 

Eight Mega Par Profile Plus LED RGB+UV Slim Par wash Lights

The American DJ Mega Par Profile Plus is a compact, low profile par designed for uplighting, stage lighting and will bring color and excitement to any event.